Giving The Gift Of Wine

Nothing seems more special than giving the gift of wine. There is a little something in the DNA of wine that makes us feel really good when we hold a bottle. Maybe it is the prospect of the friendliness and good feelings to come. And then boost that sensation, knowing the wine is of special endorsement makes the encounter that much more intimate.

Food and wine have been together since the beginning. Is it any wonder that the foods of a nation consistently appear to go with their vintages. Food and wine are just naturals.

A food and wine gift basket is a thoughtful present that usually evokes a grin. Wine baskets come in a variety of forms and themes. There huge gift basket making businesses that pump them out by the thousands all packed with private label foods items that no one is sure of the origin.

These baskets commonly tend to have common wine brands; brands you see everyday on the racks of your local super market. In some cases these baskets are themed around a color! Like a basket full of gold foods or red food stuffs; what common sense does that make?

My idea is different. I think the basket needs to reflect really good taste and foods that taste good. I think each food ought to be taste verified and sourced from the original producer with their brand and name. As with wine, this shows accountability to what is inside. And the same goes for the wine. You don’t want anyone else to repackage the same brands obtainable at the petrol station. The wines in a premium food basket ought to be unique and make a statement regarding who you are and how significant your recipient is to you.

As well, baskets should be created to order. Especially ones that are shrink wrapped (I prefer this for the reason that the foods stay dust free even on the merchants truck). The point is, baskets that are shrink wrapped and left to sit in a warehouse gradually sag. Time plays against heat shrink film. The establishment that you buy your basket from ought to be making them to order. You put the order, the basket team creates it that day and ships it the same. When it arrives at your recipients home or business, it is fresh and tight.

Years ago I received a basket that was lovely. Tremendous wines and foods. As I was indulging in the food items, I was studying the olive jar. Looked really good. Seemed perfectly first-class. Then I see in the smallest of text the expiration date; which was two years earlier. Can you visualize? Lesson, your basket seller really should be testing and refreshing inventory regularly.

Wine gift baskets are a fantastic and thoughtful gift. Pick wisely.

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